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Recurrent Energy is a leading utility-scale solar project developer, delivering competitive, clean electricity to large energy buyers. Based in the U.S., Recurrent Energy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Canadian Solar Inc. and functions as Canadian Solar’s U.S. project development arm. Recurrent Energy has more than 4 GW of solar projects in development in the U.S.

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OperatingIS-42 ImageIS-4292MWp / 71MWacCumberland County, North CarolinaRoserock ImageRoserock212MWp / 157.5MWacPecos County, TexasGarland ImageGarland272MWp / 200MWacKern County, CaliforniaAstoria 2 ImageAstoria 2100 MWp / 75 MWacKern County, CaliforniaAstoria ImageAstoria131MWp / 100MWacKern County, CaliforniaBarren Ridge ImageBarren Ridge78MWp / 60MWacKern County, CaliforniaTranquillity ImageTranquillity258MWp / 200MWacFresno County, CaliforniaMustang ImageMustang134MWp / 100MWacKings County, CaliforniaApollo ImageApollo139MWacCaliforniaVictor Phelan ImageVictor Phelan22MWp / 18MWacSan Bernardino County, CaliforniaGillespie ImageGillespie20MWp / 15MWacMaricopa County, ArizonaRio Grande ImageRio Grande5MWp / 5MWacKern County, CaliforniaRosamond 2 ImageRosamond 221MWp / 20MWacKern County, CaliforniaRosamond 1 ImageRosamond 126MWp / 20MWacKern County, CaliforniaColumbia 3 ImageColumbia 311MWp / 10MWacKern County, CaliforniaSunningdale 1 ImageSunningdale 110MWp / 7MWacThames Centre, OntarioWaubaushene 5 ImageWaubaushene 55MWp / 4MWacSevern, OntarioSmiths Falls 3 ImageSmiths Falls 39MWp / 7MWacDrummond/North Elmsley, OntarioSmiths Falls 1 ImageSmiths Falls 19MWp / 6MWacRideau Lakes, OntarioWaubaushene 4 ImageWaubaushene 411MWp / 8MWacSevern, OntarioSmiths Falls 6 ImageSmiths Falls 613MWp / 10MWacRideau Lakes, OntarioSmiths Falls 2 ImageSmiths Falls 213MWp / 10MWacDrummond/North Elmsley, OntarioSmiths Falls 5 ImageSmiths Falls 513MWp / 10MWacDrummond/North Elmsley, OntarioWaubaushene 3 ImageWaubaushene 314MWp / 10MWacTay, OntarioSmiths Falls 4 ImageSmiths Falls 414MWp / 10MWacDrummond/North Elmsley, OntarioBorealis ImageBorealis108MWp / 78MWacOntario, CanadaKansas South ImageKansas South27MWp / 20MWacKings County, CaliforniaTA-High Desert ImageTA-High Desert26MWp / 20MWacLos Angeles County, CaliforniaDillard ImageDillard12MWp / 9MWacSacramento County, CaliforniaBruceville ImageBruceville19MWp / 15MWacSacramento County, CaliforniaKammerer ImageKammerer19MWp / 15MWacSacramento County, CaliforniaMcKenzie ImageMcKenzie38MWp / 30MWacSacramento County, CaliforniaAjo 1 ImageAjo 15MWp / 5MWacPima County, ArizonaBagdad Solar 1 ImageBagdad Solar 117MWp / 15MWacYavapai County, ArizonaKaiser ImageKaiser11MWp / 11MWacCaliforniaSunset Reservoir ImageSunset Reservoir5MWp / 5MWacSan Francisco County, CaliforniaUnder ConstructionGaskell West 1 ImageGaskell West 128MWp / 20MWacKern County, CaliforniaGreat Valley Solar ImageGreat Valley Solar281MWp / 200MWacFresno County, CaliforniaBacklogMustang Two ImageMustang Two150MWacKings County, California

In the Community

Recurrent Energy’s success comes from a true commitment to environmental and community values. We recognize our projects have a long-term presence in the communities and ecosystems where they are sited, and our company is committed to those communities and ecosystems.

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