In the Community

Our success comes from a true commitment to community values. We recognize our projects have a long-term presence in the communities where they are sited. Across regions where we are active, we seek to have a consistently positive impact that supports the priorities of the community.

Community Involvement

We understand that we have a long-term place in the communities where our projects are sited. Every project and municipality is unique, so our team works closely with local stakeholders to answer questions and address concerns. In addition, we regularly collaborate with community partners to ensure that local residents have access to employment opportunities created by our projects.

“We have been fortunate to be able to have Recurrent Energy as a neighbor and partner who is invested in the best interests of supporting our community…They’re here for the long run.”

— Julia Hernandez, Mayor, San Joaquin

Community Partnerships

We are proud to partner with community organizations where we operate.


Please contact us if you have questions about solar in your community or property for potential solar development

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